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  • Are You Sure You're Providing Your Information
    to a Genuine Service Provider?

    Like how an online service verifies you,
    you also need to verify the online service before providing your credentials.

  • What is AutoPassword? How Is It Different From Existing 2FA & MFA Solutions?

  • The latest user authentication technologies are meaningless if you're already connected to a fake online service. How can you verify them?

    Here’s an example of how 2FA and MFA are easily compromised and the best security solution instead.


DualAuth Insight

Is 2FA/MFA Really Secure?
Existing 2FA/MFA technology, is designed for protecting online service providers, not the user. Here is the solution.

Customer Case Story

KIAT with AutoPassword
Let's see why KIAT, a public organization in South Korea, chose AutoPassword for its internal online systems.

Industry News

IBM Security Access Manager Integrated with AutoPassword
Security Inetlligence News: IBM Security Expands Partner Ecosystem for Multifactor Authentication
Are you looking for a 2FA or MFA solution for your company?
Strong authentication security is the foundation of securing your business online. We provide AutoPassword Enterprise to companies and goverments which would like to protect and secure their identity and important data.
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Do you want to protect your customers from phishing and pharming attack?
You can protect your customers from phishing and pharming attacks with AutoPassword cloud. AutoPassword Cloud is specially designed for online service providers.
Link the AutoPassword cloud API to your online service and protect your customers free of charge.
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Do you want to protect the public online services and users in your country?
We are willing to help public organizations who want to protect their users who use public online services. The starting point for eGoverment service and public online services is a strong identity and authentication platform.
Please check how we have helped the Online Privacy Association in Korea.
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Like you, AutoPassword Cloud would like to eliminate all user passwords online.
Similar to how a search engine provides information on the internet free of charge for its users, AutoPassword Cloud also strives to eliminate all user passwords on all online services completely free of charge. Click here to use AutoPassword in your online service today!

Our Mutual Multi-Factor Authentication technology attracts attention from around the world.

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