Product Lineup

  • OpenPayment
  • AutoPassword™

What is OpenPayment?

It is specially designed face-to-face payment technology for financial service providers, that does not require permission from the user to install. It enhances existing financial mobile applications, such as banking apps, credit card apps, or blockchain wallet apps when paying in offline stores, by adding a payment method. It combines the best NFC and QR code payment systems for face-to-face transactions.

  • Payment Technology with Tapping-based UX
  • Payment Technology Based on Mutual Authentication
  • OpenPayment Terminal Supports H/W and S/W Types for Merchants
Payment Technology with Tapping-based UX
Like Samsung Pay and Apple Pay, OpenPayment technology enables your existing financial apps to have a tapping-based payment UX. Due to a number of rising attacks, QR code-based payments are not safe, nor are they convenient to use with a camera-sensing operation. OpenPayment however, supports both iPhone and Android simultaneously, making payments much easier to process.
Payment Technology Based on Mutual Authentication
OpenPayment is based on the mutual authentication technology for face-to-face transactions. It verifies both the customers and the merchant’s authenticity at the same time and place. For the merchant’s authentication, it uses a beacon transmitter, which emits an authentication code that changes every 60 seconds. For the customer’s authentication, it uses biometrics on their smartphone, to make a non-repudiation feature that protects merchants against payer fraud.
OpenPayment Terminal Supports H/W and S/W Types for Merchants
OpenPayment supports two types of payment terminals: a physical terminal or an application that can be downloaded onto your smartphone. The app allows merchants to securely process payment transactions from anywhere, even without a physical terminal. It's also a cheaper entry point for new businesses.

OpenPayment Flow

For Financial Service Providers
Financial service providers can easily enhance their payment service just by adding the OpenPayment SDK on top of their existing mobile app. It not only makes it more convenient for the user but also leverages the number of existing users, to then be able to open new accounts of merchants and major organizations.
For Merchants
Merchants can save a lot of transaction fees by adding various payment services on the OpenPayment terminal, such as debit mobile app, Bitcoin wallet app, point app, etc. Furthermore, OpenPayment is based on beacon technology that can easily add mobile advertisements and promotions.
For Customers
The customer does not need to operate their smartphone camera in order to scan the QR code. They only need to tap their smartphone on the OpenPayment terminal for a face-to-face payment to work. Before tapping, customers have the option to verify who takes the money through their smartphone.
Magical service that automatically generates and enters a password for you.
It is the password replacement technology that automatically enters a password for the user when the user enters his or her ID on the online service, and verifies whether the correct password is entered to the user.
that allows users to securely and conveniently log onto their PCs.
AutoPassword Logon resolved the problem of password management and the inconvenience of existing PC logon by entering the user password. You don't need to change your password regularly at your work place nor memorize complex and diverse passwords. Experience the powerful and convenient AutoPassword Logon service with just one click!
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